I will Customize this News Branding with your Logo & Other Materials

About This Gig

I will Customize this Animation with your logo, images and text.



Best for YouTube Channel, News, Short films, Promos, Marketing campaigns, Event promotion, Presentation for a project website or business, Branding, Special events, Product advertising, Commercial projects, Promo sales and so on…

*********** WHAT YOU WILL GET **********

  • Opener / Intro
  • Bumper / Break In / Break Out
  • Headline Graphics
  • Lower Third
  • Transition
  • Info / Graphics Card
  • Phono / Live Card
  • Pocket Design
  • Full HD Resolution (1920×1080)
  • Any Format (MP4 , MPG , AVI , WMV…….
  • Music Included
  • Unlimited Revision


Please Kindly Provide me:
  • Your logo
  • Text
  • Images
  • Website or any slogan
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