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GFX Room stands for Graphics Room. That means you can easily get any kind of graphics support here. you can buy the services of freelancers as well as hire them according to your needs.

Get Started:

Join-Now | GFX ROOM

First, you need to register, click the Join Now button at the top of the website then enter your information, email and password. The suggestion is to use relatively hard passwords and write them down to remember.

Then select “I want to start as Freelancer / Employer” and tick on “I accept Terms and Conditions”

Then Click SIGN UP NOW

Verification: After successful registration, your dashboard will open. There you will find a verification notification at the top, open the mail with which you have registered, you will receive this verification mail in your mail inbox/spam. If not, wait a while and check back later.

Personal Details and Skills: Create your profile with details of your information so that anyone who sees it can get a detailed idea about you. Do not give wrong information, if you give wrong information it can ban your profile.

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Author Since: February 28, 2021

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